Home Inspection Services


The Importance of Home Inspections

Buying a home is an overwhelming process. 

Anyone can be distracted by the many variables involved in the home buying process.

Budget, needs, and especially wants (among many other things) will direct your focus in specific ways.

Its easy to overlook subtle details that could be an indication of major problems in the future.

"A snapshot in time"

  • Pre-listing inspection - Find out whats going to come up on your potential buyers Home inspection report. Avoid surprises at closing and give yourself the opportunity to make repairs that can make your house more marketable and limit negotiations.
  • Pre-Purchase inspection - Often required by your mortgage lender, a Home inspection makes you aware of the apparent condition of the home and its installed components. An invaluable tool when making as big of a decision.
  • Home Maintenance - Perhaps you are ready to make some repairs to a home you already own but you don't know where to start. A maintenance inspection will provide you with a list of deficiencies that you can use to prioritize, budget, and plan your renovations. 
  • Four point inspection - Roof, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC
  • Radon test - Orange county,NY is considered by the EPA to be a High Radon zone. Often required by your lender a Radon test is recommended for all homes. Visit the Environmental Protection Agencies website for more information about Radon.
  • Water testing - Laboratory water testing is available to meet your requirements and satisfy your interests. I work with a local lab that gives accurate results fast. 

"An extra set of eyes"

Every one can benefit from a Home Inspector looking at a house they are interested in. Home service professionals can get the same out of a Home Inspection as a customer with no home repair experience at all. 

A thorough inspection provides an indifferent report that can be used to confirm what was observed and aid in closing negotiations. A Home Inspection report can serve as a confirmation of the list of renovations you are willing to make or it can reveal that your dream home might turn out to be a nightmare.

 Your Inspection report is a tool that is used to come to a decision.

Inspecting Homes

 When I was a young teenager I started to learn about taking care of the home you live in. As I started to take on projects that were a little more involved than regular chores I became intrigued by the way houses are put together, what they're made out of.

I trained as an auto mechanic during high school and in college. I got a job as a mechanic at a dealership when I was 17. Although I enjoy working on cars I soon found that my passion was houses and I got a job as a framer before I turned 20.

Since then I have worked in all phases of home construction and repair. I have renovated entire homes and I managed and maintained an apartment building for a time. I am a certified water damage restoration technician. I worked for a restoration company where I was constantly inspecting houses and buildings for damage.

 Now as a New York State licensed Home Inspector I can share my experience and help make buying a home a thoroughly positive experience.